ABSA Top 10 Olive Oils 2020 – SA Olive

It has always been in our prerogative to share the finest quality with our consumers and with passion, dedication, and a lot of hard work we have managed to do so, for 10 years! This has resulted in RIO LARGO becoming an award-winning South African product all over the world!

As a proud member of the SA Olive Association, we have been nominated every year for their annual ABSA awards and this year have been awarded Top 10 status in South Africa! This prestigious award rewards the years of devotion that we have put into our product and are so proud to share this with you, in many ways!

“If you’re aiming to make really good olive oil and consistently make good olive oils, you need to forgo volume for quality. So what do we do [at RIO LARGO]? Pick relatively early in the season, we have a lower yield with a higher polyphenol count in our olive oil. That’s where the health benefits kick in!”

– Nick Wilkinson

RIO LARGO has always believed that it is better to produce less for more, and this is recognised in the quality product that we just love to share with our consumers. We have tried by all means possible to preserve this quality right up until the point of usage by packaging our olive oil not only practically but beautifully too!

“We store our RIO LARGO in Stainless Steel tanks in order to preserve the quality, only packing on order. When we share RIO LARGO with our consumers we pack them in decanters, which is like a “mini-tank”, keeping the olive oil fresh to the last drop!”

– Brenda Wilkinson

Our decanters feature a variety of unique designs, that suit any style! The olive oil is stored in an airtight foil bag with an easy-twist tap that is stored hygienically inside the tube until opened.

RIO LARGO prides itself on being as sustainable as possible in its agricultural methods, putting back more than we take out.  During the production of olive oil, there is a high volume of bio-waste created. Nick has found ways to utilize this waste product in the production of compost, which in turn reduces the volume of fertiliser needed in the fields.

“Our idea is that for the longevity of the farm, you need to put back more than you take out. We consistently thrive to keep our biodiversity and use whatever we can with very little waste.”

– Nick Wilkinson

There are many reasons why RIO LARGO has become the successful product that it is. As Nick says Olive Oil is the backbone of the traditional Mediterranean diet and is responsible for helping us enjoy our meals. Olive Oil should smell like freshly cut grass, peppery and fruity and if it tastes good, it probably is good!

ABSA produced a wonderful video of RIO LARGO, our product, and the secrets to what makes our Olive Oil, award-winning! Please take a few minutes to watch and share it on Facebook!

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